Jackson District Library launches home delivery service

JACKSON COUNTY, MI – The Jackson District Library recently launched a new service that makes accessing library materials like books, movies, and video games easier for all its patrons.

JDL Delivers allows all patrons to have their library materials mailed directly to them instead of picking them up in person. JDL users can sign up by visiting JDL’s website at myjdl.com, clicking the JDL Delivers banner, and filling out the form with their address and other pertinent information.

Patrons have the option of choosing whether or not they would like to return their materials in person or mail their items back. If JDL patrons choose the latter, a stamped return address is included with their delivery

Roughly 200 people signed up for the program in its first month, and JDL staff continues to make the program better and more accessible, officials said.

“The Jackson District Library utilizes the U.S. Postal Service for its deliveries, and the USPS is experiencing windfalls of mail, packages, and gifts that need delivered all over the country, including our patron’s books, movies and video games,” JDL Director Sara Tackett said.

Some material may take a couple weeks to deliver, however library staff will automatically adjust due dates so fines won’t begin to accrue due to mail delays. Additionally, JDL will only deliver within Michigan, due to delivery times.

“We may change where we mail to our patrons in the future, but mailing outside the state would likely result in materials being out of stock for much longer than we anticipate,” JDL Director Sara Tackett said. “Some of our patrons have retreated to warmer climates this winter, and unfortunately we cannot mail their materials to them if they have moved outside of the state.”

Anyone interested in the program can contact the library at 517-905-1358 with any questions they may have.