Jackson Unites | LOVE is enough

IMG_9072JACKSON, MI – In an effort to bring awareness to the violence shaking our nation, members of our community gathered this morning, July 11th, and marched down Francis Street in a peaceful protest against hate.

Members gathered at the corner of Francis and Prospect streets to march north to Washington Avenue in Downtown Jackson in a peaceful protest.

Marchers walked alongside Francis Street holding signs and calling for an end to the violence which is plaguing our nation.  While vehicles passed, Jackson’s citizens cheered and beeped their horns in support that all lives matter…… and love will prevail.

The Rev. James Hines, pastor of Lily Missionary Baptist Church, took to the streets to join the marchers and show his support. “We must bring calmer heads to this situation.  We must love each other in this terrible time.  This is a plague which is greater than that which came years ago.  We shall rid this country with this plague we call violence.” Hines said.  Rev. Hines was joined by Sgt. Tom Tinklepaugh of the Jackson Police Department who agrees that the violence must end and that can only happen if we unite together as a stronger community.

In the words of Mr. James Hendrix, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power we will have world peace.”